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Club Car Lebanon

Club Car -by Ingersoll Rand- is a world leading company for heavy golfing equipment. They provide golf carts, personal vehicles, utility vehicles that can be used in compounds and resorts for transportation or maintenance teams.

Pneumatic Systems and Solutions, is the authorized dealer of Club Car in Beirut, Lebanon. We provide all types of Club Car products in Lebanon, such as golf carts, personal vehicles, utility vehicles and connectivity equipment for golfing!

Personal vehicles are for people looking more fun in their mansion or field that will take them from a place to another with low emission gas and safe way.

Commercial vehicles are more directed towards resorts, hotels and commercial places looking to transport  large amount of people (up to 8), in addition to other vehicles for maintenance, utilities and small to medium construction works. They can also be used to move merchandise and other.

The Golf or Turf vehicles are specialized for places with grass. They are designed to maintain a good quality of grass whilst moving from one place to the other, and are mainly used in resorts and golf clubs, along with the Utility Turf series for the maintenance of the compound where grass in dominant.

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